Testing / Development/ Proof of Concept

Triple V Engineering think that the design, testing and development of a product should all be very closely linked.

We can offer the ability to test and develop the product alongside the design with a close net team. Providing a full closed-loop service allows all information to be linked, resulting in efficient modification, updates and improvements without any loss of data or opportunity.

Therefore, we can offer proof of concept alongside the design build and test process for your products, creating bespoke rigs if required to do so, or working in conjunction with you and your business if you already have some, or all of the facility’s you need.


All test information is recorded and documented allowing work carried out to be shared with whoever you need, whether it be an investor or additional staff or stakeholders as your company/products grow.

Build manuals and test instructions are all recorded and documented.

Further testing we can offer to our clients through trusted external resources include:

  • Extensive engine dyno facility’s
  • Flow bench testing
  • Injector test and calibration
  • Ignition distributor testing and optimisation.