Reverse Engineering

A large proportion of reverse engineering is carried out for the historic vehicle and restoration market. If component parts are no longer available, or if the parts that are available are unsuitable for the client’s requirements of the vehicle or product, we can help.

Through a combination of measuring, metrology and data capture techniques, we can reverse engineer the item as an exact replica, improved item or combination of both. This could be, that the part looks and functions the same but is made with modern materials/manufacturing techniques, often resulting in improved performance. Alternatively, you could just be looking to use modern manufacturing to provide the same product at a reduced cost.

CAD models and drawings can then be produced, allowing you to hold and store the data for your given purpose, whether it be an individual project or a new product line for your business.

Again, as with Triple V Engineering’s other services we can offer to manufacture and test your products to provide a complete service.